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In a sense TheHikingChild was started by, well… children. Initially we were a group of kids together in a scouting organization; many still are, though their roles are somewhat different now. In later years road trips, ski trips, canoe adventures, sailing expeditions, scrambling in the Rockies, and uncharted trails became the norm. Eventually the ‘children’ had children of their own, and the cycle came around. Lessons learned became lessons taught.

Today, the editors and contributors to TheHikingChild live in different parts of the world: various parts of Canada, throughout the US, and several countries in Europe. Their roots remain well grounded, their attitudes unchanged… only a little more experience, that’s all. We hope that what’s been good to us will be good to you as well. A life of adventure is a life well lived, and adventure begins at a very early age! TheHikingChild is in all of us. The world is your classroom. Study hard!



Image © Dapple1, Pixabay


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