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We are a very small group of private individuals with a goal of helping parents raise smart, caring, and healthy kids. We believe kids that are in tune with their natural environment grow up to be people that care about the world and others around them. Today, more than ever, we need people like that.

At TheHikingChild we don’t subscribe to ‘AdSense’ advertising, and so you won’t see random advertisements on our site. We rely on donations, sponsors, hand-picked advertisers, and a very moderate affiliate income to maintain the site. Donations go directly toward the further development of this website: 

  • To hire web designers and graphic artists;
  • To hire freelance authors, editors, and contributors;
  • To cover operating expenses;
  • To market the site and spread our readership.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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In the mean time, “Go Hiking With Your Children!”


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