Our Values

Values? Yes, we believe in them!

It’s obvious that no one likes to feel cheated or lied to. That no one has time to waste. At the same time we all have our commitments and our responsibilities, and we have to make due with what we inherit, what we maintain, with what we build, and what we make of it all.

At TheHikingChild we only post content that we believe in. It’s not content for everyone, but it is authentic! You get quality over quantity, our truth over smoke and mirrors, and we will keep it that way. We also respect you, our reader:

  • your time, or lack thereof;
  • your money, or lack thereof;
  • your goals and aspirations;
  • your need to be healthy;
  • your strive to be happy;
  • your desire to leave a beautiful world behind for your children and grandchildren.

Those are our values. We believe they are yours as well. 

At TheHikingChild you will not see meaningless content or be exposed to worthless products. If we post something, we believe in it. Hopefully, you will agree with us, and as such, you will believe in it too.


Image © Bessi, Pixabay

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